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On Friday, the UAE expressed its “concern about the escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine,” stressing its full readiness to “support all efforts aimed at calming the situation and easing tensions.”

The UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdullah bin Zayed said: “The UAE joins its voice to others in calling for an immediate cessation of violence and hostilities and calls on all parties to exercise maximum restraint and take immediate steps to abide by the ceasefire and start a political dialogue.”

He added, “The painful events that we witnessed last week are an important reminder of the need to start peaceful dialogue and reconciliation, and we are counting in this regard on the promises of Abraham’s accords for our present and future generations to live with their neighbors in peace, dignity and prosperity.”

Bin Zayed expressed his sincere condolences to all the victims who were killed as a result of the recent hostilities, stressing his country’s “full readiness to support all efforts aimed at calming the situation and easing tensions.”

This comes at a time when the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has witnessed a continuous sharp escalation since May 8, which began with the outbreak of clashes in the Temple Mount area and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, as Israel is implementing measures to expel Palestinian families from their homes.

Source: “WAM”