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Each of us needs to leave for a period, whether students are to rest from the burdens of studying, both young and old to rest from the burdens and pressures of work,  whether housewives to rest from home work and the pressures of life, rest means recharging the body in order to complete the scientific or practical life cycle, but The question for everyone who has a vacation period is where do I spend my vacation? Throughout the article lines, we will put forward suggestions for different suitable places and cities for a fun and interesting vacation period, whether for one person alone or with his family.

California State
California State
California State
California is a popular tourist destination in the United States with many distinct cities to attract tourists, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hollywood, Sacramento, San Diego, and the state of California also includes many recreational parks suitable for families, so we recommend going to California for vacation with the family, We review with you the most important tourist attractions in this state:

The Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most important tourist attractions in San Francisco, is a city characterized by historical sites, vast green areas, beautiful neighborhoods, and cultural institutions.
Yosemite National Park, located in Northern California, includes mountains, rivers, valleys, and waterfalls carved by glaciers, marked by granite walls.
Disneyland, a huge amusement park distinctive located in the city of Anaheim, which is the first entertainment destination for families and is the only one of the various theme parks in Disney world that Walt Disney personally supervised building, it includes various games and entertainment offerings, including what is intended for children, including what is for adults, It also includes many hotels, restaurants and shopping places.
Valley of Death National Park, a dry area located near the Sierra Nevada mountains, includes a wide range of different terrain such as mountains, sand dunes, and a lake located below sea level.
Big Sur, a distinct stretch along the coast of California, provides tourists with stunning views of the ocean. This stretch is unique for camping and hiking. This activity is the most popular activity in this region.
Lake Tahoe, located at the top of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, distinguished by blue waters with turquoise bays, also distinguished by the surrounding mountain scenery, is a summer playground equipped for boat riders and a ski course in winter.
Philippine Islands
Philippine Islands
Philippine Islands
The Philippine Islands are the special tourist destination for lovers of tranquility and enjoying the stunning scenic nature. By choosing the Philippine Islands as a vacation destination, you enjoy restoring the calm of nerves and getting rid of the various pressures of life, here are a group of islands that attract tourists in the Philippine Islands:

Boracay Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, famous for its white sand beaches and clear waters, Boracay Island includes many leisure activities such as diving, surfing.
Palawan Island, famous for its pure beaches and one of its most famous beaches, Nakban Beach, has an attractive tourist attraction, Lake Barracuda.
Cebu Island, embraces many scenic nature, waterfalls and beaches, as well as many different entertainment activities.
Bohol Island, the island’s highlands in droughts turn brown, so this island has been known as the Chocolate Hills, which includes many natural reserves and waterfalls, usually tourists enjoy it through exploration trips in the huge mahogany tree forest.
Mactan Island, which is rich in many neighborhoods and coral reefs, tourists usually enjoy it through the practice of various water sports such as diving.
The city of Barcelona
Barcelona, ​​Spain
Barcelona, ​​Spain
You can choose the city of Barcelona in order to spend an enjoyable and unforgettable vacation and vacation, a sunny city full of various tourist places that you can visit and enjoy in it and from these places:

The classic hotel located in the Olympic Port, a hotel close to the skyscraper and one of the most famous hotels in Barcelona, ​​consisting of 44 floors, has an attractive metal structure in shape, includes a spa and a restaurant that serves many delicious food, and both the resort and the restaurant have views Picturesque and attractive on the water’s edge.
Guell Park, a park rich in lots of varied green plants, houses colorful houses and caves created with attractive artistic design.
Front Seas Restaurant, a restaurant located right on the beach in order to enjoy food while enjoying the sea view.
Miro Museum, a museum that houses many artworks of the new generation of Spanish artists, the most famous of which is the artist Frederick.
Mercat Santa Catarina Market, a market with a distinctive shaped roof made of different colors ceramic and has a wooden structure.
Boca Grande Restaurant, a restaurant that serves various Spanish cuisine and the best cocktails of juices.
In conclusion, the most important question for every person on vacation was answered, where do I spend my vacation? By suggesting three places for recreation and vacationing, Barcelona, ​​California that suits families, Philippine islands that suit calm lovers, we suggest these places to restore physical activity and calm nerves during the vacation in order to return to the routine of a life of science or work with full energy and vigor.